28th May 2021 21:03:46 Hours


Not forgetful of his North-based fellow-troops and mirroring his true leadership traits, General Shavendra Silva, Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army, on the eve of the auspicious Sinhala and Tamil New Year flew to Jaffna this morning (12) in order to share New Year greetings with responsible Tri Service troops, staying back on duty away from their loved ones in families, evaluate security developments and personally inquire into COVID-19 health work as a military leader, concerned with seasonal sentiments of both troops and civilians, alike.

At Palaly airport, he was warmly welcomed by Major General Priyantha Perera, Commander Security Forces - Jaffna and senior officers of the Navy and Air Force personnel. The visiting Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army was greeted to a drive-pass, presented by 14 Gajaba Regiment troops at the air base before he was ushered to the gathering of troops by tri service Senior Officers. The itinerary got to a start at the Sri Lanka Air Force base Palaly soon after the invitation for his address.

In the wake of the New Year festival, General Shavendra Silva extending season 's greetings rose to his feet, addressing a gathering of three-digit number of tri service troops. During the address, he highlighted the national significance of the troops, committed for national security and commended the selfless commitment, extended for prevention of Covid 19 pandemic and their dedicated services to safeguard lives of citizens in the Jaffna peninsula. He also reminded the troops of their nation-building roles and civil-military welfare projects, being carried out in the peninsula. Similarly, General Shavendra Silva outlined the series of welfare measures, meant for the troops and how various benefits are shared among all troops as per directions of HE the President and Ministry of Defence. (See Separate Story)

At the end of his troop address, the Commander Security Forces -Jaffna, on behalf of all ranks serving under the Security Force HQ- Jaffna, together with two representative Navy and Air Force officers presented tokens of appreciation to the visiting Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army.

After a while, the visiting Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army handed over a couple of 4 Sri Lanka Army Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (SLEME) troops-repaired and refurbished heavy vehicles, trucks, tractors, push bicycles and a three-wheeler for use at the SFHQ-J. They were symbolically received by the Jaffna Commander from the day 's Chief Guest. Later on, a discussion followed with the visiting Commander of the Army where Security Force Commanders of Jaffna, Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu were also present, in which COVID-19 status quo and precautions, civil concerns, security matters, etc were also evaluated and discussed at length.

The day 's Chief Guest also gave away a stock of New Year gifts for distribution among Divisions, Brigades and Battalions under the Security Force Headquarters-Jaffna.