28th May 2021 21:03:42 Hours


General Jagath Jayasuriya, the highest ranking military officer in the country, handed over the duties of the Chief of Defence Staff to Air Chief Marshal Kolitha Gunetilleke on 16 June 2015 having headed the Sri Lankan Armed Forces for close to two years. On arrival at the Office of the Chief of Defence Staff, General Jayasuriya received the salute of the Tri Service Guard of Honour accorded to him in front of the BMICH. He then addressed the Officers and men of the OCDS after interacting with them at tea. On his departure from the OCDS premises troops lined up in the street to bid him farewell. Having left the OCDS for good, he paid tribute to fallen war heroes by laying a wreath of flowers in a charm ceremony at the War Heroes Monument at the Parliament Grounds. General Jayasuriya has been designated as the Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Brazil and is expected to take up his new appointment soon. General Jayasuriya 's tenure of duty as the CDS saw the accomplishment two major missions. The successful coordination of the security of the CHOGM 2013 was the highlight of all his achievement in his tenure. The conduct of the first ever South and South East Asian Nations (SASEAN) Defence Chiefs Dialogue in November 2014 in Colombo on an initiative of General Jagath Jayasuriya, has been commended by his counter parts in the region and is expected be a major annual forum for the Heads of Defence Forces to discuss matters of mutual importance.