05th January 2022 12:24:39 Hours

May Peace & Prosperity Bring Happiness in 2022 !

General Shavendra Silva, Chief of Defence Staff, Commander of the Army and Head of the Green Agriculture Operation Center (GAOC), All Officers, Other Ranks & Civil Staffers Wish ALL OF YOU be blessed with GOOD HEALTH & WEALTH in This NEW YEAR-2022 in Plenty !


“Let me wish all the officers, other ranks and civil staffers of the Sri Lanka Army who perform a pioneering role for people in defence of the motherland’s sovereignty and territorial integrity a Happy New Year 2022.

May all the War Heroes in the Army who made the supreme sacrifice for restoration of peace and reconciliation in the country attain supreme bliss of Nibbana and also let me wish all war heroes who sustained injuries during operations, still under recuperation and rehabilitation gain speedy recovery and take this opportunity to wish all of them and family members best of luck and prosperity in the New Year !

Since its inception, the Army has been at the forefront in safeguarding the national security of the country from multifaceted threats. While performing those duties, the Sri Lanka Army’s exceptional forms of operational commitment towards Sri Lanka’s preventive roles, inclusive of the ongoing vaccination drive against the spread of Covid-19 which has at present turned out to be a global crisis, is a national service, second to none, undertaken and effectively carried out by the Army.

The Sri Lanka Army as the fearless saviour of the Nation having liberated the country from brutal terrorism has defended the motherland over a span of 72 years. Yet, the Army despite those roles are enthusiastically engaged in diverse challenges, such as in national disasters, calamities, control of COVID-19, Nation- building tasks and various infrastructure development projects, for which we can humbly be proud.

HE the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa who provides a visionary guide and leadership for the professional advancement of the Sri Lanka Army as well as Hon Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Secretary Defence, General Kamal Gunaratne (Rtd), should also be respectfully recalled to memory at this moment.

The Army’s visionary concept, “Way Forward Strategy 2020-2025”, has made great strides during the year and the establishment of the Green Agriculture Operation Centre and 1 Corps as reserve forces are some of those advancements of the Army policies. Further, development of the infrastructure facilities of the Regimental Centres, Training Schools, etc has already been in motion, and I expect all ranks would support those endeavours in order to enhance and further improve professional standards of Army personnel.

It has been a milestone year, in which despite all challenges, we were able to perform many welfare needs of Army personnel while performing the duties in the midst of COVID -19 pandemic. I expect to get more and more local and foreign courses to the Army in the coming year too, through which we can further improve their professional skills and talents. Also, it is worthwhile to mention here the recent opening of the Army War College at Buttala to match with the ‘Way Forward Strategy 2020-2025’ programme. In the sphere of sports too, the Army’s two differently able war heroes were able to win Gold and Bronze medals during the Paralympics in 2021 by bringing admiration and dignity to the motherland.

As stated in HE’s policy framework, ‘Sawubhagye Dekma’ (Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour), the Army has undertaken many projects as entrusted and several of them have already been successfully completed and handed over to the public.

Moreover, the establishment of the Green Agriculture Operation Centre, conceptualized by HE the President on 02 December has been another project, entrusted to us by appointing me as the Head of the Green Agriculture Operation Centre. This fully endorses the degree of confidence the Head of the State has towards us and the Army has already completed several green projects displaying the Army’s all time preparedness to match with “Nothing is Impossible '' notion in the organization. I also expect all ranks' support, dedication and all time contribution for this Greenery project to perform the future responsibilities successfully.

Also, I appreciate and extend sincere wishes that we could perform many welfare projects successfully during the year passed and it is my sincere wish that every soldier should have his own house. Accordingly, we have implemented several housing projects and already donated houses for the needy and I wish to continue the same in the future, also. For this, we have implemented a low interest loan facility for it and it has been approved for all Army personnel who have a dream of a new house. I believe that the newly-established Army Hospital-Kandy could be declared open soon. Further, the Army Seva Vanitha Unit performs a huge service to the Army and soldiers’ families to fulfill their welfare needs. Also, it is worthy to mention that all ranks of the Army received their timely promotions by making a record in Army history under the approval of the Ministry of Defence.

I wish all Army personnel, civil employees and family members be blessed with courage, strength and fortune in the coming year 2022 to accomplish their expectations overcoming numerous challenges that try to impede our forward-march both at professional and personal lives.

May peace, happiness, good health and joy be with you and your families throughout the year 2022! ”