28th May 2021 21:03:46 Hours


A 25-member group of recently-retired Major Generals (18), Air Vice Marshals (2), Rear Admirals (3) and Commodores (2) who followed the first-ever inducting ‘M2C Military to Corporate Entrepreneurship Green Card Certification Capsule ' course in Sri Lanka, received their certificates this evening (5) during a ceremony, held at ‘ACCESS ' Tower, Colombo.

At the invitation of General Daya Ratnayake (Retd), the pioneering heavyweight behind the conceptual training module which was launched in close collaboration with the Office of Chief of Defence Staff, Mr Lalith Weerathunga, Principal Advisor to HE the President as the Chief Guest, together with General Shavendra Silva, Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army, Navy and Air Force Commanders as Guests of Honour took part in the awarding ceremony.

This novel move to explore and extract operational and administrative skills, competencies and experiences of those veterans which could be tapped for promotion of corporate positions after transforming those military veterans into trail trailblazers in future was the first of its kind designed for military veterans.

This introductory initial Course was facilitated by Mr Ranjeewa Kulatunga, Patron for the Alumni of International Public Management Association-HR USA in Sri Lanka and Managing Director of Intercontinental Institute of Human Resource Management (IIHRM) and a selected panel of resource personnel, including Dr Dinesh Watawana, Dr Marlon Ferreira, Faraz Farook, Omar Khan, Bradley Emerson, Kumara Galhenage and General Daya Rathnayake (retd) who delivered lectures during the whole Course.

The Course encompassed adoption of corporate work ethics and strategic thinking, management of human resources and work agendas, driven by wealth creation on the cutting-edge of technology and knowledge transfer in order to run managements efficiently and productively in a competitive milieu.

IIHRM and the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce as well as Mr Sumal Perera, Chairman of ACCESS Engineering PLC, the resource partner for the ‘M2C Military to Corporate Entrepreneurship Certification ' Capsule series maintain that Sri Lanka 's adoption to the universally-recognized concept of M2C or military to corporate transfer was first proposed in a new strategic transformational framework for the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force with IIHRM 's Ranjeewa Kulatunga and Dr. Dinesh Watawana as pioneering officials during General Daya Ratnayake 's office as the Commander of the SLA.

A gathering of invitees were present.