28th May 2021 21:03:42 Hours


A powerful element is trying to re-instigate another betrayal similar to that of Millennium City incident that took place in 2002, that led to the exposure of an intelligence network and resulted in the death of a number of intelligence operatives and caused an adverse effect on national intelligence, said Director/Spokesperson, Media Centre of the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasooriya addressing a media conference today (24th June).

To attain petty political gains these elements disseminated misinformation on a military intelligence network operating from Millennium City housing scheme in Athurugiriya, that ultimately led to the assassination of 21 intelligence personnel who dedicatedly performed an important role at a crucial stage of the Sri Lankan War. During the post war recovery and the development phase intelligence agencies of the country carried out a notable job in curbing the revival of LTTE he said. Brigadier Wanigasooriya further said that \"There are people those who extremely regret the successful restrain and control of the recent Aluthgama incident\". \"External elements are acting in the background by using invisible hands to manoeuvre local petty political segments\", he added. He stated that according to the information revealed, such people are preparing to deliver false information in Parliament with a view to ruin the intelligence agencies while hiding behind parliamentary privileges. Such disinformation easily grabs international attention while tarnishing the image of the country. He emphasised that, based on the devoted attempt made by the intelligence agencies the island wide spread of the tragedy was averted. Responding to a question on the authenticity of the information Brigadier said that, a segment of patriots among the traitors conveyed the information beforehand. \"I am referring to National Intelligence Services as a whole, not only the Military Intelligence\" he emphasised. Brigadier Wanigasooriya also informed the media gathering that, it is our duty to educate people on this issue.