28th May 2021 21:03:46 Hours


The annual national Pakistan Day (23 March) Military Parade also known as the National Day Joint Services Parade that commemorates the resolution for creation of Pakistan honoured Sri Lanka 's Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army, General Shavendra Silva inviting him to be the Guest of Honour at the spectacular commemorative celebration, graced by the President of Pakistan, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Navy Staff, Chief of Air Force Staff and a host of other foreign and local dignitaries in Islamabad.

A colourful and spectacular parade showcasing military prowess of the Pakistan Army, its short and long range missiles, tanks, jets, drones and other hardware, accompanied by simultaneous demonstrations of aerial manoeuvres and excellent aerobatics for audiences featured distinctively in the day 's spectacle.

A team of Sri Lanka Army 's Special Force (SF) parachutists alongside Pakistan 's armed forces, attaching greater importance to the day 's event in Pakistan, displayed their skills falling from a height of about 12,000 feet amid roars of applause as the main features of the celebration got underway. On practical grounds, this year 's celebrations were held on 25 March in the presence of a huge gathering of participants.

Next to Pakistan 's regular Army, Navy and Air Force units with paramilitary forces filed past the Chief Guest, President Dr Arif Alvi, Guest of Honour, General Shavendra Silva, Pakistan 's Army Chief and other dignitaries, attired in colourful regalia as the climax of the day 's event.

During the same ceremony, the President of Pakistan conferred national awards and Presidency medals. Before the day 's proceedings, wreaths were also laid at the mausoleums in Lahore and Karachi to recall the memories of Pakistan 's founding fathers.

Mrs Sujeewa Nelson, President, Army Seva Vanitha Unit, Major General Sanjeewa Wanasinghe, Adjutant General and a few senior officers of the Sri Lanka Army were in the Commander 's retinue.

Pakistan Day is observed as a public holiday in all over the country where the early morning military and civilian parades with gun salutes are held while all state and private sector buildings remain decorated with national flags and colourful bunting.