Special operations rely on individual and small unit proficiency with specialized, often unconventional combat skills applied with adaptability, improvisation, innovation and self reliance. Although special operations are mostly conducted as single service operation, frequently needs a joint support and coordination. The Ex CORMORANT STRIKE is a Field Training Exercise (FTX) designed to have an opportunity for the Commandos and Special Forces to exercise troops in special operations environment. Therefore, this exercise encompasses the joint planning and conduct of amphibious operation at operation level to exercise commanders, staff, headquarters and units to work together along with sister services to achieve success in battle in a joint environment in the concept of Manoeuvrist Approach. Situation depicted here is based on hypothetical scenario and is focused on achieving training objectives.


To enhance understanding of the commanders at all levels and exercise Commandos and Special Forces in joint planning and conduct of special operations.


The specific objectives of this exercise are:

  1. To prepare commanders at all levels to exercise Command and Control effectively and efficiently in changing scenarios.
  2. To have a practical experience at tactical level commanders in decision making process in crucial situations within the available resources to a given situation based on the information provided.
  3. To understand and exercise the conduct of integrated sea and air ops within the concepts of various types of elite operations.
  4. To enhance units in realistic movement and employment of organic weapon systems effectively in sea/airborne operation.
  5. To expose commanders at all levels in the nature and conduct of joint ops to strengthen the teamwork and cohesion.
  6. To practice formulation and coordination of sp arms planning including Naval and Air support.
  7. To exercise logistic planning and coordination to support tactical operations.
  8. To familiarize Commandos and Special Forces on the resources held by the support arms and other sister services, along with their capabilities and limitations, to conduct joint operations.
  9. To train Commandos and Special Forces to operate in a hostile territory in isolation.