24th January 2023 17:56:45 Hours


The Sri Lanka Autosports Drivers Association (SLADA) is reputed among motorsports lovers across the country for its successful journey along with a number of exciting events organised over the years. Stepping another milestone, its members made an official visit to the Office of General Shavendra Silva WWV RWP RSP VSV USP ndc psc MPhil, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) today to discuss their next chapter.

During the discussions, the members of the SLADA highlighted the difficulties and challenges the competitors face with the non-availability of competitions in the country. They further stated that the long pause in the field since the outbreak of the COVID 19 Pandemic and various other reasons have affected the sportsmanship of the members as well as the motor racing race lovers in the country.

Having listened to their talks, the CDS has explained that the prevailing situation and the difficulties the nation undergo demand a second thought in organising such an event. General Shavendra Silva, as a pioneer in organising Foxhill Supercross and Gajaba Supercross, further elaborated that he clearly understands the importance of organising competitions as they ensure the continuation of the spirit of sport.

The Chairman of SLADA Mr Rizvi Faruk, Vice Chairman Mr Yoga Perera, Secretary Major Rasika Adikari (Retd), Treasurer Mr Malika Senasekara, and a committee member Mr Upulwan Serasinghe were the team present for the discussion.